Friday, 1 February 2013

Jigsaw Child

I feel like a jigsaw puzzle

Some of my pieces are lost

Others are mis-shapen broken bent

My edges are unique sharp smooth


I came into the World womb weary wary

Bathed in fear fuelled hormones I was formed

Puzzle pieces already shaping to misfire misfit

Primed to react recoil reject right from birth


Many try to make my puzzle whole

To find to fit the pieces together

But so many are misplaced mismatched misunderstood

So it’s frustrating infuriating hard to fathom


My jagged jigsaw may never be complete

Small medium large gaps spaces voids

Learning to accept this is the key

As incomplete puzzles are puzzlingly precious too


Jane Evans
Trauma Parenting & Behaviour Skills Specialist

Mobile: 07946318404 Landline: 01249 721104
Twitter: @janeparenting