Saturday, 18 August 2012

Teenagers - just gotta love 'em

Oh my God, I wish she would just keep out of my things, out of my business, I know what I'm doing and she's just driving me crazy, I can manage!  No, I don't really mean that, what's wrong with me, I feel like I'm going crazy, maybe I am.  Some days I feel quite hopeful, I'm not the best centre forward, fastest runner, didn't get 70% in my maths test and Josh is more likely to pull Clarissa but I'm doing OK.  Other days, I'm like, God your crap, stupid hair, stupid face, dumb as they come and I'll NEVER get a girlfriend.

Mum is driving me crazy too, I know she is really just trying to help but going on and on about stuff I'll never remember once she leaves my room, really!!!  I'm not lazy, I do forget things, but not 'cos I want too, who wants to get a detention, not me.  I know I get mad with her but if she would just not start as soon as I get in or come find me when I'm on the phone, or in the middle of a game, timing, not her strong point!  We used to get on so well, I miss that, wonder if we'll ever get it back?  Sometimes I don't care but mostly I do.

Some days it's like we've both been taken over by aliens, Mum looks at me funny, I get upset, she tells me I'm angry, moody, lazy, thoughtless, never going to get a job, take your pick and then that's it really and it feels as if we can't stand each other.  Even weirder, those are the times when I just want a hug, can't ask for one, can't show it but really need it.  Was interesting in Biology today we were doing about the brain, the teenage brain and the bits I remember most were:

from about 11 years until into my early 20's!!!! my brain is rearranging itself, weird to even think that, something about pruning and cementing parts of it but anyways means some parts are a bit offline

teenage brains aren't good at remembering, planning ahead, or, even understanding the emotions on someones face.  We did a test with some card and pictures of different expressions and not many of us could agree on the same thing, spooky!

Maybe I should tell Mum, she might think its an excuse but the evidence is in my book, well the bits I managed to get down, still she can always Google it.  Maybe there is hope after all as some days I just want to be over as they're just too hard.

I would strongly advise ANY/ALL parents of teenagers to look up how teenage brains develop as you will have a better understanding of your precious child then who still needs your hugs, attention, PATIENCE and help, even though they can't ask for it!!

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