Saturday, 20 October 2012

I am sorry......

I am sorry I did not know abuse when it was in our home
I am sorry I did not understand how words & looks can wound so deeply
I am sorry I did not know that atmospheres can seep into a forming child
I am sorry I did not know what I know now

I am sorry your first few years were soaked in stress
I am sorry no-one shone a light on the abuse we lived with
I am sorry I did not know that wasn't a normal way to live
I am sorry things were so unpredictable for you

I am sorry you did not have two parents focused only on you
I am sorry abuse was the fourth member of our family
I am sorry I was so in it I did not look for help
I am sorry I did not know it was not OK for you

I am glad we got out
I am glad we were rescued
I am glad for a brother & sister in law who took us in
I am glad for an end to the oppression

I am glad for the new start we had
I am glad for the life we then had
I am glad we faced all the new challenges
I am glad to find kindness and love

I am glad to know that what we lived with has as name
I am glad to use what I know for others now
I am glad to see you so kind and calm
I am glad I finally understood it was not my fault

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