Friday, 14 December 2012

Christmas carols & the odd crisis thrown in!

Christmas is coming that’s all I hear

Expectation is building

That’s so hard to bear

‘Cos I might not like Christmas when it gets here

Routines are ruptured raggedy

Lines to learn and to read

All pressures I don’t really need

My melt down is brewing

Will Father Christmas come into our house?                                                                     

Am I good enough for a present or two?                                                                                        

What if I wake up to nothing?

Being good is so hard to do

Time to put up the tree

Cards to colour create

Carols to learn and sing

Chaos I can feel myself crashing

I need to look happy

What if I fail

I need to seem thankful

It’s all too much am ready to wail

Home at last to be wrapped in sameness

You know what I need

Small glimpses of Christmas on a drip feed

No expectations just balm-like acceptance

A Very Happy Christmas to all those caring for and raising precious children who find change alarming and uncomfortable but still want a bit of Christmas in their lives.  This is a real juggling act so on behalf of us all a huge THANK YOU.

Jane Evans
Trauma Parenting & Behaviour Skills Specialist
Mobile: 07946318404 Landline: 01249 721104
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    1. That's great to hear Stacy as the right help at the right time can make all the difference. We all need support at different times in our lives, hope all is well for you now?