Saturday, 15 December 2012

Is this all I deserve?

They tell me you are wild trouble

But my huge love will tame you

I will search in your heart

Set free your goodness and a love for me

Others misunderstand you

Are too quick to condemn

I will be true

I’ll work to make you lover and friend

When touch becomes shove

My excuses flow freely

I can defend you to all

I tripped no push led to my fall

You watch me out of worry

When I’m late you just fret

No need for friends now

That’s what I’m too stupid to get

I am lucky you want me

No one else would

You would not have to hit me

If I could learn to be good

Tomorrow will be different

I will get more things right

You will smile and hold me

But not so hard and so tight

You chose me so this has to work out

But at times I am so full of doubt

Is this all I deserve?

Or is it time to get out?


Leaving is never easy but it is possible to do and with the right support you can go on to survive and thrive.  It can take a while but every day and every step can be a move away from what you did not deserve to what you truly do.

From one survivor and thriver to a soon to be one, or an already on the way one/there one, with love.


Jane Evans
Trauma Parenting & Behaviour Skills Specialist
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