Friday, 28 December 2012

One Day

Soon it will be the day
The one when I no longer stay
I'll leave I'll walk away
Years of dark looks cruel eyes
Days filled with my pleading & cries
Please stop I will do better sorry sorry

Today is not the day
You're so sad begging me to stay
You'll change do anger management
Stop buying vodka & pay the rent
No more punches your anger's spent
So very very very sad & sorry

Egg shells scattered once more upon the floor
Tiptoe around gently close each door
Second guess each wish & whim 
Avoid eye contact just agree give in
Breathe & feel the tension real & raw
Keep you happy or be sorry

Tomorrow next week month year may be the day
The word or blow will come which will make me walk away
But will it all end once I am out the door
Will you find me make me suffer some more
Am I to become the hunted quarry
Forced to be forever sorry

Have patience with me I hear what you say
I deserve better to be happy one day
Try to hide your frustration
I fear your turned back the inevitable shun
I know you want me to leave there
Don't give up on me my freedoms so near

For all the family, friends and workers who tirelessly support someone who is trapped in an abusive relationship.  It can be painful and frustrating to maintain the support but being there in the background is so important as when the day comes they will need your acceptance to move on.


  1. Your words are well said and well placed, I wish to share this short yet powerful piece to my members on LinkedIN
    Kindest regards
    Peter Stone Aifl AIEP

    1. Thank you Peter, I would be pleased for you to use this Blog Poem as I am all about giving insight and raising awareness on the complex subject of domestic violence and abuse.

      Best Wishes,


  2. Jane, thank you so much for this. Do I have your permission to translate it into Norwegian for my Norwegian blog? Fully crediting you, of course, and with a link to your blog.

    Your words hit me hard - I'm working on the story of a friend of mine who is now dead, who was treated for depression and bipolar, and got no help in getting away from her controlling husband.