Wednesday, 28 November 2012

I am broken

I am broken
I look to others to fix me
Searching in the wrong places wrong people
Battling between having brokenness confirmed
Having brokenness confounded comforted

I am broken
Cracked snapped fractured by life
Too many horrors too much rejection
Not balanced or offset with kindness affection
Brokenness is my badge worn on the inside

I am broken
A look a word a sight a sound sets free
Dark demons my daily companions
They cut me consume me crush and caress me
Dance with my brokenness to a familiar tune

I am broken
You are kind to me you are cruel too
I know what you are I am no fool
You fit with my brokenness
A match made in hell I know you so well

I am broken
Where how when will it end
I am keeper of neither family or friend
Too broken to bond to belong
Berated beaten bowed betrayed

I am broken
Half seeking respite and repair
Half safe with the dereliction of despair
No lost cause I know what I want
Escape from your poison and pain

I am broken
Not to the point of extinction annihilation
Broken can become whole can mend
Kindness of workers strangers a friend
Strengthens replenishes restores.

 By Jane Evans

I have worked with many amazing women to whom this poem is dedicated, so 'broken' by growing up with abuse and violence that every day was a battle to manage their self harming, eating disorders and violent relationships.  I was repeatedly floored and humbled by their courage and determination to find a way out to have the life they deserved for themselves and their children and to be able to heal.
Image -     ©2010-2012 ~Katzentatze   

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