Saturday, 10 November 2012

The Chrysalis

Because of you I am a breath-taking butterfly

Even though I arrived a closed up chrysalis

Encased in my cocoon shut off shut up

caterpillar pictures, butterfly pictures, butterflies pictureYou saw beyond the shell to what lay within

Finding, nurturing the butterfly I hid so well


Breaking out from my cocoon was hard won

Turning tussling trapped, then free

Wings were unexpected overwhelming weak

Your acceptance encouraged their first flutter

Your devotion saw flutter become flight


I am a bold beautiful butterfly

Fragile wings yet fearsome heart

My cocoon was both a comfort and a curse

It has kept me safe and got me this far

It’s your belief which set me free to fly and fly and fly
Those who have had a difficult and painful start in life often just need that one person who accepts them and believes in them and over time that can change so much. 
For children this is crucial as finding someone who sees beyond difficult behaviour to their true beauty and potential will make all the difference in the end.  All of us could be that one special adult so be open to this and always interpret what children say and do through a lens of trying to understand and be supportive.
Jane EvansSpecialist Parenting and Behaviour Skills Consultant
Twitter: @janeparenting



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