Saturday, 3 November 2012

Looks can be deceptive


Looks can be deceptive protective

Looks can be both friend and foe

Make up the mask of protection

Laughter the sound of a lie


Perfect nails and hair get glances not stares

Slim trim hides the starving & straining

Too fat too ugly too real too raw

Hide it conceal it smile ignore


Looking good is the lie

It cons & confuses

It deceives & defuses

It comes at a price


I plan for you never to know what it costs me

I plan to keep you arm’s length from the truth

I plan to present as personable perfect

I plan to survive because of my lie
For all who struggle on a daily basis with eating disorders, anxiety, depression and fear that the real them will not be good enough.  Keep on going and make peace with yourself, find your passion and follow it the rest will fall into place because that is what you deserve.
Jane Evans






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